Bright and healthy eyes are indeed the valuable asset for all of us.The examination season is approaching; our children require great concentration for day and night in order to obtain good results. Taking good care of children’s eyes in this examination season is what makes parents concerned.


As we all know, eyes' frequent accommodations along with the many activities have not been taken care, not taken a rest in moderation as well as regime lacks some substance which our eyes will be vulnerable to ache, dry eyes, accommodation disorders, keratitis. A diet with full of nutrition, especially the essential nutrients for the eyes will benefit our beauty and healthy eyes.
With a desire to help parents have more knowledge to protect our children's eyes in HCMC, last April, Eyelight Children brand organized to deliver manual, to consult and to introduce Eyelight children product - a product with superior advantage for use, sufficient nutrients for eyes as Bilberry and Vitamin E will help prevent myopia progression, enhance visual acuity for children's eyes that owned healthier, brighter future development.