The Taisho and DHG story is a “sweet fruit” of the post-M&A pharmaceutical industry, after 5 years of starting to build a solid foundation for DHG Pharma’s international breakthroughs reaching the world.

For DHG Pharma, the year 2020 has become an unforgettable year, a year that affirmed the spirit of resilience, courage, and silent contributions of "white-shirted soldiers" in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.Although there were periods which the epidemic "heated" up and then lulled, the treatment and researching on vaccines for patients has never been less stressful. With the endless effort and dedication to the community, white-shirted soldiers on all fronts have contributed to build up the image of a medical personnel "excellence on the professional knowledge and skills – abundance of medical ethics". This spirit continues to be expressed on the early days of the year 2021 when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out again.

After 5 years of cooperation, the result of 2 tablet and film-coated tablet production lines achieving Japan-GMP certification in 2019 and 2020 has created a mark in the pharmaceutical industry, also showing that Taisho’s aspiration in committing to accompany DHG Pharma.

The COVID-19 epidemic is still happening complicatedly in our country. The increased epidemic risk particularly occurs after Tet holidays when people return to big cities for working. Therefore, the health sector continues to advise people to seriously follow 5K for preventing the epidemic.

On the morning of February 17, 2021 (the 6th day of the new year), DHG Pharma held the opening ceremony at the beginning of the year, with activities of lion dance and New Year wishes. This is an annual activity maintained and implemented by DHG Pharma with the desire of a successful and prosperous year, always achieving the plan and targets. This year, Covid 19 is still complicated, to ensure health safety, the Board of Directors represent all departments at the ceremony comply with the message "5K" of the Ministry of Health.

With a large scale of 80,723 m2 and a capacity of 4 billion units of products per year, DHG Pharmaceutical plant is always in the top modern one in the country. However, the most notable thing is that this plant owns up to 2 lines meeting Japan-GMP standard. 

DHG Pharma cooperated with Health & Life Magazine offers 50,000 antibacterial dry hand wash bottles to Centers for Disease Control in Hanoi, Hai Duong, and Quang Ninh.

After 3 years of pursuing Japan-GMP, DHG Pharma has currently owned a list of nearly 100 products meeting Japanese quality standard.

2 production lines and nearly 100 products meeting Japan-GMP

DHG Pharma has currently owned a diversified portfolio of more than 300 products circulating in the market. Now, there are nearly 100 DHG Pharma’s products produced on two Japan-GMP lines of tablet and film-coated tablet.