With a desire to join hands with the health sector as well as share the pain with patients who need blood for medical treatment, DHG Pharma has mobilized its employees who are youth union members to donate blood for saving lives. DHG Pharma contributed a large amount of blood units to the blood bank.

The covid-19 epidemic is causing a serious shortage of emergency and treatment blood for hospitals across the country. Since everyone fears the epidemic, they did not go to the blood donation points. Many hospitals had to mobilize blood donors on the spot, but it is still too small compared to the need. Many patients hospitalized for a long time still do not have blood transfusion. Facing alarming scarcity, a number of large enterprises have mobilized their employees to join hands with the health sector to donate blood in the midst of the epidemic

Joining hands with blood-requiring patients is a mind of the Board of Management as well as all employees of DHG Pharma. And we understand that patient’s blood-transfusion requirement has never stopped; therefore, from 22 to 23 February 2020, under the direction of the company management, the Youth Union Executive Committee coordinated with Can Tho City Business Delegation organized voluntary blood donation activities to supplement blood reserves for Can Tho Blood Transfusion Hematology Hospital.

In the morning of February 22, in response to the call of enterprise leaders, employees put aside housework, overcame a fear of covid-19 to donate blood with a desire to bring life opportunities to many patients. A representative of DHG Pharma said that blood donation for saving lives is not only a beautiful gesture rich in humanity but also shows the awareness and responsibility of each member of DHG Pharma Youth Union when the community needs urgent help. Each person gives a very small part of his/her blood and his/her health is not affected, but to the recipient it is a new "source of life" to overcome danger.

Blood donation is also a long tradition of this pharmaceutical company. Over the past 12 years, "DHG Pharma Live Blood Bank" has donated more than 3,300 blood units to Can Tho Blood Transfusion Hematology Hospital, timely saving many patients. Thanks to positive propaganda of the enterprise, employees here are always aware of the benefits of blood donation that can save 3 lives, regenerate healthily new red blood cells, reduce excess calories, and bring a happy spirit, and at the same time to check their health through tests.

This year, the process of blood collection at the covid-19 outbreaks is much different than before. After completing a registration procedure, the employee will have to measure body temperature, wash their hands with antibacterial sanitizers, then go to medical examination to screen qualified people and determine the amount of donated blood. Organizers also sterilized the entire blood donation area. To limit gathering in groups, division in instalments by hour for 2 consecutive days was carried out.

Mr. Tuan Tai (29 years old) said that he had "seniority" with 6 times of blood donation in the enterprise. The employee are somewhat afraid of epidemics while some are afraid of needles, but the company has mobilized and disseminated right scientific knowledge as well as built a safe blood-collecting procedure, so everyone was assured to share their blood to the community. When I think of patients who receive 350 ml of my blood and can live healthily and happily, I feel life is so much more meaningful. He also said that he will try to stay in good health so that he can continue to participate in blood donation to save lives on occasion of the call of the company e.g. anniversary of company establishment, Lunar New Year, etc.

Blood donation to save lives is a deeply humane activity at DHG Pharma and is a very encouraging signal of enterprise sector when joining hands in time with the health sector. Previously, the enterprise also donated a body temperature meter worth 1.9 billion VND to the provincial health department; more than 35,000 products to increase resistance for health workers and patients across the country. Each person takes a small action, but cooperation of large enterprises will create a great spillover effect in the community, transmitting positive energy to the whole society during the epidemic season.