This year, DHG Pharma’s profit is expected to increase more than 14% compared to 2015.

Wishing to bring a warm Christmas and full of love for the poor children, DHG Pharma has donated 100 gifts to the children who live in Phung Hiep, Hau Giang including Bipp Calci lozenge candies - Nutritional supplement for children, notebooks from BRAND OF BABY KHO QUA - shower cream helps prevention of skin diseases and insulated mugs from BRAND OF BOCALEX - Dietary supplements add micronutrients and increase resistance.

Thank you letter for our esteemed partners, customers, investors contributing to DHG Fund for the Poor patients.

In the morning of 25th October at Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, DHG Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company collaborated with the local government in order to celebrate the program “Keeping the forever smiles of highland children” for sharing difficulties, deprivation of teachers and students in Ethnic Boarding School – Lung Cu Secondary School.



DHG gave awards including 1 classroom, 1,000 coats, 100 gifts for teachers in secondary school and primary school at Lung Cu district, Ha Giang province. In addition, DHG also donated more than 600 books for school libraries.

Specially, DHG also associated with School Managing Board to celebrate fun fest with many folk games such as tug of war, ball tapping, bamboo dancing, etc. to give children days full of fun, laughter, moments of spontaneity, shining eyes, lovely smiles on innocent faces of immense northwest mountains.


Hopefully, with warm coats that DHG awarded, the children will not be cold when going to school this winter. Footsteps to class will not be far away and dreams of seeking knowledge will be closer.


DHG, particularly, rewarded ourselves with enjoying beautiful villages which hidden deep in the mountains, covered by the clouds. It is the place where modern life still does not much impact on and DHG will come back to continue organizing meaningful programs for people of the North Pole.



In the morning of 30/8/2014 at LuuHuuPhuoc Park, more than 1,700 of DHG PHARMA staff walked together to raise the Fund for The Poor by the chance of the Company’s 40th Anniversary. This is an annual activity of the Company to show appreciation to the community, and encourage everyone to support the fund for people who suffer difficulties in life.

Wars have gone, but marks of the two long resistances still exist in the lands and people that lived and fought for the nation’s peace. With the tradition “When drinking the water, think of its source” and “When eating a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree”, as well as the policy “Socializing the care for meritable people” by the Communist Party and the Government. By the chance of 67 years of War Invalids and Martyrs’Day (27/07/1947 – 27/07/2014), DHG PHARMA together with volunteer doctors held 27 free examination and medicine programs for 9,440war invalids and families under preferential treatment policy of provincesin the North (Nam Dịnh, VinhPhuc, BacNinh), the Mid (Gia Lai, Quang Nam), the East (Binh Thuan, TayNinh), andMekong Delta (An Giang, Bac Lieu, Ben Tre, Can Tho, Dong Thap, Soc Trang, Tien Giang, TraVinh, Vinh Long).

On 19/07/2014, the Team visited Nursing Center for War Invalids of ThuanThanh (BacNinh). This is a Center to care and treat severely injuredwar invalids under Ministry of Labors, War Invalids and Social Welfares. Beside the care and encouragements, the Team offered 30,000 nutritious capsules of SpivitalNutri to the Center to help the war invalids gain more health to overcome the pains caused by the wars.Also, the Team specially offered 5 gifts for severely injured war invalids with total amount of VND5mn, which were donated by Mrs. Nguyen Bach Hong, DHGPHARMA’s Directorof North Region.Through these programs, DHG PHARMA hope to ease the pains caused by the wars, share with their difficulties and especially support, encourage each injured comrade to live more positively and overcome the diseases, continue and develop the character of “Uncle Ho Soldiers”, and follow his teaching “War Invalids may be invalid but not useless”. With its mission “For a more beautiful and healthier life”, beside showing the appreciations to people who contribute to the nation, DHG PHARMA hope to educate the youth to live with good manners and appreciate the values of the past, and base on that to head to a bright future.

DHG PHARMA would like to share some pictures from the programs:

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