In the morning of 25th October at Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, DHG Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company collaborated with the local government in order to celebrate the program “Keeping the forever smiles of highland children” for sharing difficulties, deprivation of teachers and students in Ethnic Boarding School – Lung Cu Secondary School.



DHG gave awards including 1 classroom, 1,000 coats, 100 gifts for teachers in secondary school and primary school at Lung Cu district, Ha Giang province. In addition, DHG also donated more than 600 books for school libraries.

Specially, DHG also associated with School Managing Board to celebrate fun fest with many folk games such as tug of war, ball tapping, bamboo dancing, etc. to give children days full of fun, laughter, moments of spontaneity, shining eyes, lovely smiles on innocent faces of immense northwest mountains.


Hopefully, with warm coats that DHG awarded, the children will not be cold when going to school this winter. Footsteps to class will not be far away and dreams of seeking knowledge will be closer.


DHG, particularly, rewarded ourselves with enjoying beautiful villages which hidden deep in the mountains, covered by the clouds. It is the place where modern life still does not much impact on and DHG will come back to continue organizing meaningful programs for people of the North Pole.