On 08/14/2014 in Ho Chi Minh City and on 08/18/2014 in Cantho, the Naturenz officially celebrated the launch of the results of clinical trials of Naturenz so as to bring to the public and the press about the effectiveness and safety of Naturenz products in improving liver enzymes, liver detoxification proven by clinical trial results.

Come to the launch, the Naturenz welcomed the guests:
- Dr. Tran Chi Liem, Senior Specialist - Former Vice Minister of Health.
- Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dao, Institute of Biotechnology – the author of Naturenz scientific research.
- Dr. Pham Ngoc Khai - Senior Researcher conducting the Naturenz clinical trials research.
Clinical trials researches on Naturenz products were conducted by People's Teacher, Assoc. TS. Pham Ngoc Khai - Senior Researcher of the subject from the third quarter of 2013 to the second quarter of 2014 in order to evaluate the safety and the effective improvement of liver enzyme from Naturenz products.

lamsangnaturenz 01

Dr. Pham Ngoc Khai sharing the clinical trial results at the ceremony
Meanwhile, Dr. Tran Chi Liem, Senior Specialist - Former Vice Minister of Health expressed the joy of Medicine and pharmacy in Vietnam when Naturenz, one of the few products are invented in Vietnam, has a substitutable capacity of foreign drugs and imported materials, contributing to the market supply a pharmaceutical products of good quality and stable prices.


lamsangnaturenz 02


lamsang naturenz 03


Dr. Tran Chi Liem, senior specialist - Former Deputy Minister of Health awarded a certificate ofNaturenzclinical trials for DHG.


lamsang naturenz 05

Commemorative photos of the guests at the seminar ceremony

That the Department of Health certified the results of clinical studies of Naturenz is a solid basis for user with further confidence in the effectiveness and utility of Naturenz in supporting the treatment of liver disease and liver detoxification.

After the workshop in Ho Chi Minh City on 08/14/2014 and the one in Can Tho city on 08/18/2014, Naturenz will continue to celebrate a publication of clinical trial results of Naturenz products in Hanoi on 08/28/2014.