Sustainable development is always a prime goal that DHG Pharma works towards in all production and business activities. The enterprise always strives every day to perfect its sustainable development strategy with practical values ​​created for the social community.

During 47 years of establishment and development, DHG Pharma not only makes a strong impression with the leading position in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry together with hundreds of products that are highly appreciated by experts and consumers, but also is known for its sharing and actively joining hands for the benefit of community.

A dynamic, ideal working environment is one thing that any worker desires to have. With one-third of time in a day that workers will be at workplace, there are no reasons why they should not seek and stick with a such company. DHG Pharma is one of the enterprises with many sustainable development policies; outstanding and considered as a core value which contributes for building up a DHG Pharma nearly 5 decades is the human factor.

With two tablet and film-coated tablet production lines with Japan-GMP standard and customer care policies with the heart, DHG Pharma continues to win the trust of pharmacies, doctors, and consumers

Continuing the journey with the whole country to fight Covid-19 pandemic, DHG Pharma continued to support VND 2 billion for Can Tho City. In which, DHG Pharma’s employees volunteered to contribute their one-day salary equivalent to VND 1 billion to the vaccine fund and VND 1 billion of 5,000 rapid test kits was sponsored to Can Tho City Center for Disease Control. Recently, DHG has also donated VND 2 billion to support the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines to the Ministry of Health. Only from the beginning of 2021 until now, DHG Pharma has donated more than VND 8.5 billion for Covid-19 prevention and social security across the country.

According to leading experts, in order to achieve Japan-GMP standard, enterprises need to meet many strict standards. Products that meet this standard will bring outstanding gold values to users.

After many years of preparation, 2021 has been identified as the year marking the position of DHG Pharma in the international market.

While many enterprises are struggling with problems of staff reductions and cost optimization, DHG Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company (DHG) is still persistent with its plan to become the leading company in order to bring Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry to the world market. For the past 5 years, the enterprise has continuously been leading in a race of international technology, human and quality innovation, making a practical contribution to the realization of export target of USD1 billion in pharmaceutical products in 2030 that the Government has set.

The year 2020 had a significant impact on the pharmaceutical industry, but many enterprises have made their efforts to overcome waves successfully and find their own way.

The year 2020 marked an important transformation of DHG Pharma in improving quality and increasing competitiveness of global GMP standard products. This is a breakthrough step for global integration of DHG Pharma with the mission of raising the level of Vietnamese medicines not only in the domestic market but also firmly reaching the international market, thereby raising the position of DHG Pharma on the world prestigious pharmaceutical enterprise map, increasing benefits for stakeholders while improving the health and quality of life of millions of people.