Continuously provide supporting solutions for the Health industry since the beginning of the epidemic season, DHG recently added new "armor" to the frontline hospitals.

In the complicated status of Covid-19 epidemic, doctors of frontline hospital is making an effort to fight the disease and cure many patients whom infected, they are doing their job despite hardship to help preventing the number of infections. The Ministry of Health predicts that the epicdemic will reach its peak in next week, therefore as the need of Nation, DHG already supported the Health industry in the right time.

Specifically, DHG contributed 2.6 billion VNĐ to support frontline hospitals, such as National Hospital of Tropical Diseases (Dong Anh branch), HCM Hospital of Tropical Diseases, Ha Noi University of Medical. In addition, DHG also sponsored 5.504 bottles of antibacterial hand gel – Bioskin to hospital which taking care of Covid-19 infected people and equipment worth 100 million VNĐ to the Ministry of Health.

Especially, the amount of supporting fund was from the income of DHG Pharma’s leader, included of Directors Board's Remuneration Fund of SCIC members, Taisho Japan Group and DHG Pharma, the fund was immediately sent to hospitals in the most urgent moment. DHG would like to help a hand to the difficulties of the frontline hospitals, helping doctors and nurses feel assured to have medical treatment to patients.

Mr. Doan Dinh Duy Khuong – COO of DHG Pharma represented to express the appreciation to the doctors on the frontline against the epidemics. He was also moved when hear the stories about difficulties and contagious risks of the medical team.

“The front line is always associated with the heaviest responsibility. I was touched seeing the doctors wearing protective clothes, sweat soaked, glasses blurred, faces imprinted with traces, water not to drink, not even daring to go to the toilet during the shift. They must work all day, beside professional job, they also works as a side job such as cleaning, the have to eat a quick meal in lunch box, and has not come home for weeks. They have a heart of fire, appreciating the health of the people more than many of their private matters” Mr. Doan Dinh Duy Khuong said.

Hospital representatives also gave faithful thanks to the Board of Direction of SCIC, to Taisho Japan Group and DHG Pharma. Doctors and nurses highly appreciate the spirit of humanity, enthusiasm of the company and hope that this spirit will be spread more strongly, so that the whole country will soon defeat the COVID-19 epidemic. This support is not only in the right time, but also a priceless spiritual gift which helps doctors and nurses in the upcoming difficult battle.

Before that, DHG Pharma had many practical and quick contributions to the Health industry. DHG is the first company donated heat scanners to Can Tho Department of Health, which effectively helped control epidemics when peopple returned from the airport. It is also the earliest sponsor of anti-epidemic products (antibacterial dry hand gel - Bioskin, effervescent vitamin supplement -  Bocalex) to doctors and nurses as well as company’s staff. The total supported value is up to 8.2 billion VNĐ.