The Taisho and DHG story is a “sweet fruit” of the post-M&A pharmaceutical industry, after 5 years of starting to build a solid foundation for DHG Pharma’s international breakthroughs reaching the world.

M&A trend in the pharmaceutical industry has blossomed over the world nearly a decade, however in Vietnam this has only been active a few years ago. A Taisho (Japan) deal Taisho (Japan) increased its ownership in DHG Pharma to 51%.

A handshake of Taisho and DHG Pharma is one of the earliest and most successful "case study" today. Optimizing 5 years of companion, DHG Pharma quickly learns from Japanese partner to become an international drug manufacturing enterprise while Taisho leaders quickly integrate into local culture. Two sides both exchange modern expertise, and respect and reconcile each other to keep unique and traditional traits.

5 years - raising an international level with Japanese partners

Not only mobilizing capital, many pharmaceutical enterprises, when looking for foreign partners for companion, expect to be compensated, supported in management capacity, production technology, professional experience to come into the world. The story of DHG Pharma is typical for this goal, after 3 years of increasing capital, under a support from Taisho, DHG Pharma marks an important transformation with 2 GMP-Japan standard production lines which help to improve quality and increase competitiveness of products by global standards. In the future, the remaining lines will be upgraded to Japan-GMP standard. This is a breakthrough step of DHG Pharma with a mission of raising the level of Vietnamese medicines not only in the domestic market but also firmly reaching the international market.


Besides being invested in production lines, DHG Pharma is also supported in training its employees with international standards.

At two Japan-GMP lines, nearly 300 DHG Pharma technicians currently operate 32 equipment and machines professionally as in Japan. This is a result of DHG Pharma staff being trained in many forms: professional training in Japan, practical training at factories in Vietnam, online exchange between both sides.

In production, two Japan-GMP lines are operating continuously 3 shifts with optimal working speed to reduce product conversion time and optimize the capacity of the lines.

In distribution, DHG Pharma always applies "Just in Time" to optimize production progress, optimize orders, and reduce inventory months. All distribution centers meet GSP standard that helps the quality-ensured circulation of goods. The GLP-achieved laboratory is ready to welcome new drug inventions and innovative technologies.


Nearly 100 products of DHG Pharma are produced on 2 tablet and film-coated tablet production lines with Japan-GMP standard.

DHG Pharma always preserves and integrates culture

It is a similarity of Eastern culture that makes two enterprises easy to get acquainted and integrate. DHG Pharma always openly exchanges and absorbs labor beauty from Japan such as Ojigi sincere bowing culture, Shinsho compliance and sincere business culture, rules and ethics linking 4 systems: individuals, companies, customers and society.

Cultural and training programs continues to be inspired and expanded, creating the best working environment for employees and Japanese characteristic culture of retaining personnel “working whole life”. The Board of Management always maintains a close attitude like family members, regularly writes letters of encouragement on Tet holidays, letters of gratitude to members who successfully implemented Japan-GMP.


DHG Pharma continues to maintain and develop good traditions for the community of an enterprise

That agreement is also evident through a continuation of good community activities, supporting people in flood and storm areas, repaying the gratitude for people who have contributed to the revolution, supporting the nation to prevent epidemics, providing free medicine and examination.



DHG Pharma - An enterprise has nearly 100 products manufactured on JAPAN GMP standard lines

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