In the context of late 2020 and early 2021, free trade agreements open up more challenges than opportunities for domestic pharmaceutical companies, but many enterprises still find their own key to open this door.

Over the past decade, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market has continuously increased due to the impact of economic agreements such as CPTPP, EVFTA, WTO, ATIGA, VJEPA, etc.

Over the years, some enterprises have successfully built up international distribution networks. Prominent is DHG Pharma which brings many its products to Singapore, Moldova, Russia, and Southeast Asia.

Due to the influence of Covid-19, free trade agreements work in the way that is more beneficial to pharmaceutical giants in Vietnamese market. Pharmaceutical exports in Vietnam slowed down due to border closure from epidemic countries. It can be said that 2021, for domestic pharmaceutical companies, will continue to be a year of more challenges than opportunities. The picture of pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a wave of fierce competition in the country between high-quality internal medicines and imported medicines.

In the past 2020, DHG Pharma has had a series of key products such as Hapacol (its main ingredient - Paracetamol), Telfor (its main ingredient - Fexofenadine), AlphaDHG (ingredient Alpha chymotrypsin), Medlon (ingredient Methylprednisolone), Glirit (ingredients Metformin and Glibenclamide), DilodinDHG (ingredients Diosmin and hesperidin), etc. are appreciated and trusted by experts.

FTAs bring challenges for domestic pharmaceutical companies but have created opportunities for Vietnamese people to approach and use good quality products. Japan-GMP is considered a "key" of DHG Pharma when facing challenges as well as seeking opportunities from FTAs.

This enterprise currently holds a team of leading experts on Japan-GMP and international market development and experienced technicians on how-to-operate Japan-GMP line.




DHG Pharma currently has 2 production lines of tablets and film-coated tablets with Japan-GMP standard.
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