A dynamic, ideal working environment is one thing that any worker desires to have. With one-third of time in a day that workers will be at workplace, there are no reasons why they should not seek and stick with a such company. DHG Pharma is one of the enterprises with many sustainable development policies; outstanding and considered as a core value which contributes for building up a DHG Pharma nearly 5 decades is the human factor.


Workers are guaranteed safety during the campaign "3 on the spot".

The company is the second home.

With more than 2700 workers, DHG Pharma always ensures that each worker is received a suitable salary which ensures the income and life for them and their families above average. At DHG Pharma, human factor is the leading core value with the criteria: "Responsibility, cooperation, and promotion prioritized in our motto of action”.

According to the tradition of DHG Pharma, beside the appropriate salary and bonus regime, policies for workers are not only aimed at individual benefits but also towards their families and children. Workers are cared, shared, encouraged by material and spiritual values.

The appreciation and respect for human resources is also strongly reflected in the management process according to the principle of 3C: Compliance - Change - Exchange of information. Each worker is a part of the company and is encouraged to respond and communicate with superiors and parties to work smoothly and achieve the highest performance. On the other hand, leaders and managers also respect and listen to workers' opinions, simultaneously facilitate workers to contribute in a long time and consider DHG Pharma as their second home.

Workers together with DHG Pharma in development and integration


Workers are always instructed timely by the Leaders to grasp and complete the assigned work.

At work, the company always creates a link among leaders and workers so that they can contact and talk like friends, thereby creating a better environment and opportunities for workers to work more actively. DHG Pharma always appreciates the initiative and creativity of its workers. At the same time, when working with the company, workers enjoy good income to devote and make efforts to create products, contributing to the growth of the company. The development and value of the company will always go hand in hand with the benefits, advancement of skills and expertise of workers.

DHG Pharma builds a medium and long-term strategy. The company's cultural identity is unyielding "always strive even in difficult circumstances". Solidarity is also an important factor to help DHG Pharma develop methodically and in an organized manner.

The participation of Taisho is an important highlight in helping DHG Pharma with scientific development, integration development, sustainable development.

Scientific development: Through technology transfer, special treatment products from Japan or Europe help raise the level of Vietnamese medicine and help Vietnam to reduce the need to import foreign medicines; since then, we will have high quality medicines with international standards and save treatment costs.

Integration development: Through upgrading the factory to meet the JAPAN-GMP standard, it contributes to bring DHG's products to the international market. Especially, exported to developed countries, it makes the pride of Vietnamese medicines. They have been preparation steps since 2018 when shaking hands with the companion Taisho (Japan); the company's staff and engineers have been facilitated to grasp and master the technologies initially in the transfer, operation and upgrading of the effervescent production line according to PIC/S PMDA, EU standards, and recently in operating the production line which meet the Japan-GMP standard. With international standards such as Japan-GMP, workers are free to study, access to strict standards to be recognized by Japanese authorities for good manufacturing practice.

The international standard requirements have also created an "open" working environment which have much challenging and many development opportunities for personnel at DHG Pharma. Workers are not only guided directly by experts from the country of the rising sun at the company's factories; but also learned, practiced, and immersed in the working atmosphere at pharmaceutical factories in Japan.


Company leaders always care and encourage the spirit of workers during the epidemic season

Sustainable development: Through the reorganization of the enterprise's management apparatus according to international enterprise standard from the management process, the quality of the team which still maintains the core values ​​and tradition of DHG's cultural identity.

It can be said that the milestones in production standard such as the Japan-GMP certification in 2020 are remarkable results from the efforts to develop, reinforce value for workers and the company's efforts. Respect for workers, “Knowledge and creativity served as our foundation for development” from the beginning day of foundation to the present day have created long-term and strong coherence, helping to maintain trust of customers, and bringing the brand of DHG Pharma to reach beyond the borders of Vietnam, with high-quality values ​​that have been planned by the company and gradually implemented into reality.