During 47 years of establishment and development, DHG Pharma not only makes a strong impression with the leading position in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry together with hundreds of products that are highly appreciated by experts and consumers, but also is known for its sharing and actively joining hands for the benefit of community.


A journey of nearly half a century for the health of community

Talking about DHG Pharma, people will immediately think of a reputable pharmaceutical manufacturing company which has a leading market share in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry with hundreds of quality and safe healthcare products, not only being widely available in almost pharmacies nationwide but also being exported to many countries around the world. More than that, another important thing contributing to the DHG Pharma brand is the spirit of sharing and social responsibility with a 47-year persistent journey to bring sustainable values to the community.

This is expressed in a specific way through a series of activities for the community that DHG Pharma has maintained for many years, such as accompanying volunteer doctors for free medical examination and providing free medicines in all regions of the country; programs to propagate and join hands to take care of people's health; visits, gifts for disadvantaged families, unlucky pieces of life, etc.


 DHG Pharma accompanies the team of volunteer doctors to implement free medical examination and providing free medicines for people nationwide.

Joining hands actively to prevent Covid-19

During the past 47 years, DHG Pharma is proud to have created good values for the community. It is not only the values which were created from a distinct cultural identity but also the values of the desire to reach out for dedication, benefits for the community centered upon at the start of all activities.


DHG Pharma has always been dedicated to taking care of the health of community.

Facing the situation of Covid-19 which is extremely complicated, when the community and people need anything, DHG Pharma almost immediately joins hands to support with all its enthusiasm and affection to share.

It is estimated that from the beginning of 2021 to now, DHG Pharma has donated nearly 19 billion for activities which help community overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and social security activities across the country. VND 3.5 billion was donated to the vaccine fund of the Ministry of Health, Can Tho and Hau Giang; more than VND 15 billion is donated for the health sector in provinces and cities through the activities of free medical examination and providing free medicines; DHG Pharma has donated healthcare products such as Bioskin dry handwash gel, Bocalex Multi effervescent tablets, Oresol - an electrolyte supplement product, Hapacol – antipyretic and analgesic products manufactured on production line which meet the Japan GMP standard. These products have been sent to the anti-epidemic frontlines, medical forces and people. On all fronts of epidemic prevention, DHG Pharma has rushed forward and stood work with the locality like a persistent tradition for the health of community nearly half a century.


 Whenever people need, DHG Pharma is present. 

It can be said that with DHG Pharma, the journey of sharing with the community has been associated with the whole path of establishment, maturation and growth. It is not only a social responsibility but also a cultural identity of the company. Over time, the spirit of mutual love and sense of contribution to the community has "soaked" into each member of DHG which forces them to be willing to join hands with the community not only to show the role and responsibility of the company but also to become a "mind" in the operation of DHG Pharma.