Sustainable development is always a prime goal that DHG Pharma works towards in all production and business activities. The enterprise always strives every day to perfect its sustainable development strategy with practical values ​​created for the social community.

Ensuring quality of products when they reach consumers

With the sacred mission of contributing to improving people’s health, over the past 47 years, DHG Pharma has not only focused on investing in people, technology, source of raw materials, production conditions, continuously improving the quality management system, but also invested in modern equipment, applying science research into products to bring the best values to consumers and the community.


Each person in the production system of DHG Pharma is fully equipped with knowledge and well trained about Japan GMP.

The achievement of Japan - GMP certification is a clearest proof of the values, commitments, efforts, and non-stop enthusiasm of each excellent individual of DHG Pharma. Attaining Japan - GMP standard is a result after 3 consecutive years of building and maintaining a good production system, investing in (factory, equipment, etc.), equipping software (standard operating documents, production rules, etc.)

Certification of Japan GMP is a proud result which marks the success of the strategic cooperation between DHG Pharma and Taisho Japan. Taisho has made a great contribution in providing technical guidance, procedures with many technical barriers that are extremely strict in terms of raw material standards, aseptic preservation of finished products, system of quality management according to ICH Q10 standards, etc. These ensure that the products must reach the highest quality when reaching consumers.


DHG Pharma always ensures quality of products when they reach consumers

To be able to maintain stable production of high-quality products, DHG Pharma has implemented consistent management from the research phase to the production phase, a thorough production management system from the data integrity and risk prevention. Above all, each person in the production system is fully equipped with knowledge and well trained. Japan - GMP not only ensures product quality, enhances the credibility of DHG Pharma's products, but also opens opportunities to use international quality products at affordable prices for domestic consumers. At the same time, it becomes a national pride when we can bring Vietnamese medicinal products to the world.

Spreading values ​​and responsibilities for the community

It can be said that from 2020 to now, the world as well as Vietnam has spent all their time to cope with Covid-19 pandemic. With the responsibility of a pharmaceutical enterprise “Benefits for the community centered upon at the start of all activities”, thousands of hearts of DHG Pharma are towards the community.

Accordingly, DHG Pharma has accompanied and organized many meaningful programs and activities with both material and spiritual values ​​to support people of the country. The urgent sponsorship of body temperature monitors, propaganda posters, a series of healthcare products, epidemic prevention such as Bioskin dry hand wash gel, Bocalex Multi – the effervescent tablets which supplement vitamins to increase resistance, Hapacol 650 – reducing pain and fever after vaccination, etc. were given to medical facilities, field hospitals and schools across the country.


DHG Pharma's representative presented 1 million Hapacol tablets to Dong Nai Department of Health

Over the past 47 years, DHG Pharma has always actively taken care of people's health, maintained blood donation activities, implemented free medical examination and free medicine programs for poor people in remote and isolated areas across the country, taken care of the lonely elderly and children at the orphanage centers, and propagated health protection knowledge to the people. These meaningful and practical actions of DHG Pharma contribute greatly to building a better and healthier life for the people.