The epidemic is complicated and dangerous. However, with a dedication to patients, more than 30,000 pharmacies that are customers of DHG Pharma across the country still act as a "bridge" to timely bring health care products to end-users.

The past epidemic is unforgettable days for physicians treating Covid-19 patients, an imprinted time for pharmacists who daily contact, advise and provide medicines to the community. Whether in dark nights or on all quiet roads between social distance command, people always see blue lights emanating from light boxes at pharmacies. For nearly 2 years, this light has brought peace of mind to millions of patients and their family members when hurrying to buy medicines at night.


Green light still shines from light boxes at drugstores throughout the epidemic season.

Many pharmacists only returned their home after a few months and stayed at pharmacies for a long time, especially in red areas. They not only worked with two to three times more efficiency than usual to complete a task of medicine counseling but also played the role of psychologist to help patients overcome health concerns during the epidemic season.

As a leading generic pharmaceutical enterprise, DHG Pharma has a 47-year history of accompanying with the largest network of 30,000 pharmacies in the country (accounting for more than 50% of drug retailers nationwide), stretching from rural to urban areas in 64 provinces and cities. Ms. Pham Diep Thu Hien - Director of DHG Pharma's branch in HCMC representing the market sector, understands better than anyone silent dedications of medical team in the difficult year of 2021. She said “Having talked to each other like friends, I understood that pharmacists in epidemic areas had not slept all night. Whenever patients knock on the door to buy medicines, they open the door to sell prescription drugs. Many other pharmacists are on duty at their pharmacies 24/7, accepting high risks of infection. It has been 5 months and they haven’t returned their home yet”.



Due to the complicated epidemic, pharmacists have to work with 2-3 times more efficiency than usual to fulfill the task of advising people on medicines.

“Every contribution of pharmacists deserves to be honored and we are proud to accompany them on the difficult journey of the past year when healthcare became a country's buffer zone before the pandemic. Pharmacists at drugstores have accompanied us to overcome many difficulties to keep a smooth circulation and ensure a stable supply of pharmaceutical products. Thanks to their dedicated advice as a solid bridge, DHG Pharma can join hands to bring its products that meet quality standards at reasonable prices to consumers and take care of the community’s health”, Ms. Hien shared.

Last year, despite the complicated epidemic situation, DHG Pharma, with its strategic vision, still issued decisive management policies to ensure adequate supply and timely support for agents and pharmacies. The peak was in the fourth most difficult epidemic, the enterprise quickly implemented the 3-on-site campaign "quarantine and production" from July 19 to now in order to maintain the supply chain and ensure adequate supply to the market.


DHG Pharma accompanies with medical facilities in epidemic prevention and take care people's health.

Even when the social distance command was issued throughout many provinces, DHG Pharma still accompanied and connected with 30,000 pharmacies on all means of communication. In the list of more than 300 products, the enterprise promoted more than 100 essential products for customers during the epidemic season such as: antibiotics, analgesics and antipyretics, cardiovascular, digestive, hepatic and biliary agents, etc. All of these 100 products are of international quality, manufactured on two Japan-GMP lines.

“Even though it is the epidemic season as long as it is a product of DHG Pharma, I am safe to order more, tomorrow a staff wearing protective gear will deliver products in full. My drugstore always has a full line of DHG Pharma’s products such as Clabact and Zaromax antibiotics, Neni nervous product, Raxium digestive - hepatobiliary medicine, cardiovascular Vastec, anti-allergic Telfor, Fubenzon dewormer, Hapacol analgesic - antipyretic, etc. Because I love and trust the brand, I always put these products in the most visible position and easy to get, recommending them to people to have the opportunity to use medicines of international quality at an affordable price” Ms. Van, an owner of Hoang Mai drugstore in HCMC said. She also expressed her joy at the company's interest from sharing profits through the "Prosperity Together Club" to meaningful actions such as sending birthday cards regularly, etc.

To send gratitude to all pharmacies that have accompanied and brought quality products to consumers, DHG Pharma is expected to award a badge with a message "Consult with all your heart" at a meeting program for customers. For DHG Pharma, the persistent trust over the years of 30,000 pharmacies is both a "priceless gift" and a "sharp weapon" to compete in the market.