DHG Pharma standardizes more than 100 Japan-GMP quality products, increases its competitive advantage in terms of quantity and quality of medicines, maintains production capacity and quality of medicines to serve for consumers thanks to the "3 spot" strategy in the condition of social distancing.

There were many difficulties in 2020 and even more challenges in 2021 for the pharmaceutical industry because of the shortage condition of raw materials due to prolonged epidemics, production disruptions, obstacle in delivering because of the social distancing command. However, DHG Pharma still ensures the supplying source, production, and distribution of high-quality medicines to consumers.

At a fourth wave of the pandemic, if many other companies must "hibernate" because of prolonged separation, DHG Pharma still maintains a stable production rate and production capacity when proactively implementing option 3 on the spot “production-and-quarantine”.


Mr. Tomoyuki Kawata – Deputy General Director in charge of Manufacturing - Supply Chain & Technology Transfer of DHG Pharma

met workers who participate in “3 on the spot” to bring the mental encouragement for them.

The difference of DHG Pharma when implementing "3 on the spot" also lies in the production plan built on the principles of BCP (Business Continuity Plan). Factories actively select the right machinery equipment, divide human resources into 2 teams A and B to alternate, maintain active and timely production. Especially, two lines of tablets and film-coated tablets which meet Japan-GMP standards operate continuously 3 shifts with an optimal production plan to reduce hours of product transfer, fully exploit the capacity of factories.

The Purchasing Department also becomes the most dynamic link of the company when constantly interacting with all departments and suppliers, having flexible solutions to reserve raw materials to meet BCP flow. Along with that is the "miracle" of the Sales Department when trying to interact with the network of 30,000 agent pharmacies (accounting for more than 50% of retail pharmacies nationwide) across 64 provinces and on all channels such as zalo, facebook, etc. adaption as soon as the command of the social distancing and forbidden to go outside after 6:00 PM which is issued everywhere.


Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Diep – Deputy General Director in charge of Manufacturing & Supply Chain of DHG Pharma

sent to all workers wishes for health, spiritual encouragement when participating in the campaign 3 on spot.

In addition to the pharmacy channel, DHG Pharma also increases its service to consumers in the hospital channel with the list of "100 Japan-GMP products". Japan-GMP (Japan) is on a par with EU-GMP (Europe) and US-FDA (USA) standards, bringing a series of DHG Pharma’s products from the N4 bid group (medicines which meet WHO-GMP) to N2 (medicines which meet Japan-GMP) and N3 (bioequivalence medicines which meet GMP).

This shows that the products are more scientific, of better quality, giving consumers the opportunity to use good medicines at an affordable price. The outstanding products that won the high-standard bidding package including Hapacol – product line of reducing pain and relief fever, Clabact and Zaromax antibiotics, Neni, Raxium, Vastec, Telfor – anti-allergy product line, Fubenzon... become the familiar prescription medicines of experts, doctors.

In the first 9 months of the year, DHG Pharma also recorded net revenue of VND 2,910 billion and pre-tax profit of VND 675 billion - the highest in the whole industry; The growth rate reached 14% and 15% respectively compared to the same period last year. 


DHG Pharma donated 10 million Hapacol tablets for people who were vaccinated.

Quality medicines are not only ready to meet the great demand for treatment in medical facilities but are also provided to support for the community throughout the epidemic season. Only in the fourth outbreak of pandemic, DHG Pharma donated 10 million Hapacol tablets for people who were vaccinated. In addition to the quality of Japan-GMP which meets the export standards to export to many strict markets, this product also has the advantage of 650mg paracetamol content which is suitable for the Vietnamese physical condition.

Bocalex – a vitamin product which helps enhance resistance, Bioskin dry handwash gel, etc. have also been present in a series of campaigns to protect frontline doctors against epidemics and taken care of community’s health during past time. These programs not only cut down burden for the health system, but also motivate consumers to learn and experience products from DHG Pharma brand.

More than 100 high-quality medicines of DHG Pharma brand have reached consumers in various channels from pharmacies, hospitals, community support programs. The company conducted a review of consumers; the results showed that people had a better understanding of Japan-GMP quality standards, increasing the level of interest and ability to choose products in the country. The fact that experts and doctors highly appreciate Japan-GMP products at a professional perspective strengthens the trust in consumers.

Based on the positive feedback of experts and consumers, the company aims to further expand its product portfolio and advanced product line which meet Japan-GMP to bring high-quality medicines to serve for Vietnamese people.


Product is manufactured and distributed by DHG Pharmaceutical Joint-stock Company.

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