With continuous efforts in "strengthening and promoting internal strength", DHG Pharma has overcome challenges, achieved many impressive achievements not only in business but also in contribution for the social community.

The year 2021 is going to close with many fluctuations, impacts and continue to change the operation of many economic and social activities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. DHG Pharma is always aware clearly and make realization the Sustainable Development Strategy with specific actions. The Company always ensures effective growth in production and business, protects the environment, contributes to ensure income for workers as well as social security.

Acknowledging the values that DHG Pharma gained, on December 9th, DHG Pharma was honoured "Top 50 best listed companies" by Forbes Vietnam. This list is ranked from the selection of companies with the best business results which are listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX) and Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX). This is the 9th year that DHG Pharma has been honoured in this award.


Representative of DHG Pharma received the award "Top 50 best listed companies" voted by Forbes Vietnam

At the end of December, DHG Pharma is expected to receive more awards of the Listed Enterprise Poll in 2021 jointly organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange, Hanoi Stock Exchange, Investment Newspaper and Dragon Capital Fund Management Company

DHG Pharma honours to participate in the “Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam” and in many other major awards; this is a proof for a successful year of DHG Pharma. It can be said that with these achievements, DHG Pharma has had another successful year with dual goals, both trying to develop the economy and taking the responsibility with the community.

DHG Pharma believes that to build a good future everyone's efforts are needed from today. In particular, the Company plays a positive role in realization this future. In addition to its achievements in maintaining and developing production and business in the epidemic situation, the Company has a special focus on building a sustainable social environment. In 2021, the company has continuously made efforts to participate in the prevention of epidemics, contributing for sharing difficulties, helping people to settle into a "new normal" life soon.

Specifically, from the beginning of 2021 to now, DHG Pharma has donated nearly VND 19 billion, including VND 3.5 billion for the vaccine fund and VND 15.5 billion for offering products. The company's Hapacol brand has been accompanying the provinces' vaccination campaign throughout the year. A total of 10 million Hapacol 650 tablets have been given to the provinces including Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Hanoi during the epidemic peak for vaccinated people and in places where need antipyretic and analgesic medicines.


DHG's Hapacol 650 product accompanies people in many provinces during the time of Covid-19 vaccine vaccination

Over the years, Hapacol has become a close friend of many families. All 16 Hapacol products for adults are manufactured on Japan-GMP standard line which ensures efficiency and safety in each tablet, meets strict circulation standards in hospitals and exports to the "difficult" country like Japan. In particular, in 2007, Hapacol 650 was born as a pioneer product of Vietnam containing 650mg of paracetamol in accordance with the higher stature of Vietnamese people in the new era since then.

Vitamin products for enhancing resistance - Bocalex, Bioskin dry hand sanitizer gel of DHG Pharma is also present in a series of campaigns to protect frontline forces against epidemics and public healthcare in recent years. These programs not only contribute for supporting the health system but also motivating consumers to learn and experience quality products from DHG Pharma brand.