Thanks to the sustainable development foundation along with the revenue and profit achieved according to the plan, DHG Pharma is considered a typical example of an enterprise successfully breaking out of the pandemic siege.

In the third quarter of 2021, the pharmaceutical industry was heavily affected by the epidemic. In the midst of the market’s general difficulties, DHG Pharma still made a spectacular comeback thanks to its rapid adaptation efforts. In the same quarter, the company recorded net revenue of VND 944 billion (up 9.2%) over the same period.

Thanks to that, DHG Pharma has still stood for 9 consecutive years in "50 Best Vietnamese Listed Companies" voted by Forbes; 10 consecutive years in “Vietnam’s 50 Best-performing companies” developed by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine.

Sharing about this result, General Director of DHG Pharma - Mr. Masashi Nakaura said: “Covid-19 has created many challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. Securing raw material source, stabilizing supply chain and transportation and maintaining production capacity are the 3 most difficult issues during the pandemic, also 3 important factors for any manufacturing company. However, DHG Pharma has firmly overcome thanks to the cohesive and unanimous efforts of all departments and the entire company's employees.

Digitization is considered a "key" to help DHG Pharma operate smoothly in the midst of the pandemic. The departments are closely linked and fully informed through the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The Production department activated the "3 on-site" campaign, dividing resources in both isolation and rotation of production. The Purchasing department stocked raw materials on time with stable prices according to Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The distribution management system (DMS) and synchronized data via Cloud automate all Warehouse to Sales operations.


Mr. Masashi Nakaura - General Director of DHG Pharmaceutical Joint-Stock Company

DHG Pharma is one of the few enterprises that has grown strongly in Pharmacy channel and cleared goods amidst supply chain challenges of the whole industry. The enterprise even expanded its distribution network from 28,000 to 30,000 drugstores. At the same time, the Sales department tries to interact with pharmacies in 64 provinces and cities through all social networks.

For the Hospital channel, DHG Pharma recorded a breakthrough achievement when there were more than 100 products from 2 Japan-GMP standard production lines, continuously upgrading contractor group from N4 to N2, revenue growth amid the scene of hospital systems facing many difficulties during the pandemic.

Drug promotion goes hand in hand with customer events and conferences, but last year it was almost impossible to fully implement. To fully inform professionals and consumers about Japan-GMP, the Marketing department has actively organized online seminars and innovative digital marketing, thereby helping doctors and pharmacists have more information channels to trust and choose drugs meeting Japan-GMP standard for patients. Consumers better understand Japan-GMP and increasingly trust to use products of DHG Pharma, according to a survey on Vnexpress.


DHG Marketing Team - Young, dynamic and enthusiastic staff.

Japan-GMP is also a "passport" to help DHG Pharma conquer its export goals and successfully penetrate into major markets. Pain reliever and fever reducer Hapacol, antibiotic Klamentin, etc. continue to make great contributions to export revenue.

In addition to maintaining 2 existing production lines, DHG Pharma will certify two more Japan-GMP lines in 2021, focusing on the growing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, bringing people more opportunities to approach international quality medicines at a more affordable price. Mr. Masashi Nakaura expressed his confidence in an optimistic growth outlook, even though the pandemic continues until 2022.

It can be said that growth comes from a quick adaptive management strategy, but Mr. Masashi Nakaura emphasized: “People are the key factor to overcome all difficulties. We could not have achieved this remarkable result without our 3,000 hard-working and dedicated employees. They worked on site for months to keep the production line at peak capacity.”

DHG Pharma did not reduce personnel size and remuneration during the pandemic, on the contrary, continuously provided moral and financial support to employees. DHG’s employees maintain working spirit at the highest level, seniority is increasing.


Hapacol - DHG products accompany the covid-19 vaccination campaign

Looking back on the past year's journey, General Director Masashi Nakaura said: "2021 marked a decade of innovation, the year DHG Pharma strived to overcome the pandemic to provide consumers with international quality products. Extending this achievement, we set a goal that in 2022, we will increase a recruitment of talents, upgrade the image of DHG Pharma from a domestic pharmaceutical company to an international company. In the next 5 years, DHG Pharma has a stable growth rate of 6-7%/year.

In order for products to easily reach people, DHG Pharma will focus on bringing more products to large drugstore chains and promoting e-commerce channels in 2022. Food supplement and cosmetics are also two important directions to bring businesses closer to consumers in self-care and health protection. Currently, the company has many high-quality supplement products such as: NattoEnzym with raw materials imported from Japan, Naturenz owning liver-oriented standardization technology, Bocalex with international quality, etc. ready to be listed on the e-commerce platform.