In 2021, Covid-19 brought many challenges to Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry, but with rapid adaptation, DHG Pharma still achieved its business goals and continuously received more prestigious awards.

Because of prolonged social distancing during the third and fourth outbreaks, Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry suffered many significant impacts such as shortage of raw materials, production disruptions, or troubled distribution. This has led to a decline in the industry's revenue.

Based on drug bidding data of the Drug Administration and the assessment of listed pharmaceutical companies, SSI estimated that the total revenue of Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry in 2021 decreased by 6% over the same period. In particular, sales from retail drug stores increased only 2% and revenue at hospital channels decreased by 14%.

On the stock exchange, healthcare stocks including pharmaceuticals and hospitals rose 25% compared to the beginning of the year, meaning that 9% lower than the VN-index. The pharmaceutical group's shares just rose 19%.

However, in that general context, leaders of DHG Pharma said that after one year of challenges the Company basically achieved the set business goals. This achievement makes the company one of the few units to meet the expectations, which is the bright spot of the market.

Recognizing the results that DHG Pharma has achieved, in January 2022, DHG Pharma was honored by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company as a leading company in the "Top 10 prestigious pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in 2021". This is the 6th consecutive year that DHG Pharma has been named in the list, with 4 times of leading.


Top 10 prestigious pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in 2021

Companies in this top are evaluated and ranked based on 3 main criteria including financial capacity, media credibility and survey results of related subjects which were conducted in November of 2021. It also shows that DHG Pharma is not only stable in terms of revenue but also builds a prestigious, responsible image and is highly appreciated by the community of partners and consumers.

At the same time, DHG Pharma has also been honored in the “Top 50 best listed companies” (voted by Forbes Vietnam for 9 years in a row), "Top 100 Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam (VCCI/BCSD votes), Vietnamese High-Quality Goods (Consumers voted), Top 50 the Vietnamese enterprises with attractive employer brand (Anphabe), Top 3 the best annual reports (Midcap Group), Top 10 the best corporate governance reports (Midcap Group) - The Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, Hanoi Stock Exchange, Investment Newspaper and Dragon Capital Fund Management Company jointly organized.


Top 50 best listed companies (voted by Forbes Vietnam for 9 years in a row)

Entering the year 2022, the pharmaceutical market is expected by many experts to start to recover. According to SSI, the growth rate can reach 13% and it is likely that domestic health spending will return to normal levels, when social distancing measures are relaxed.

In case that the impact of Covid-19 is less severe, the needs of health care in this year are likely to exceed pre-Covid-19 levels, with hospital visits recovering to normal levels and the pharmaceutical group will have significant revenue from the product line of reducing fever and vitamin.

In order to take the opportunity and meet the upcoming demand, leaders of DHG Pharma said that the Company will continue to improve the digitization in business operation and standardize Japan-GMP products, in order to increase the competitive advantage in terms of quantity and quality.


The Board of Directors and all employees of DHG Pharma wish each other a successful and peaceful new year

In addition, in order to remain to be a leading unit in the industry, the Company is ready to plan to ensure raw materials, stabilize the supply chain, transport, and maintain production capacity in case that the unexpected difficult situations can happen. The company is confident that it will continue to create a successful year of 2022 thanks to the solidarity and consensus of the entire departments and employees of the company.