Great strides in food supplement market have affirmed DHG Pharma’s heart and vision in accompanying Vietnamese consumers in health care.

Thanks to the improving economic conditions and the intellectual level development, Vietnamese consumers are increasingly interested in disease prevention rather than cure, by adjusting their lifestyles and using more health-promoting foods. Research released in 2021 by Euromonitor assessed that, due to an aging population and higher living standards, Vietnam has become an attractive market for health protection food.

These conditions have supported the health supplement market to be exploded. The Food Safety Department (Ministry of Health) estimated that the market has more than 20,000 types of food supplement products for all ages. In the context of dense brands and fierce competition, consumers are increasingly strict in choosing products with high criteria on brand and origin.

In order to meet these requirements, for more than a decade, DHG Pharma has pioneered in bringing consumers prestigious and quality products. The names are born from scientific research projects of domestic and foreign research institutes, combined with high quality raw materials imported from countries with strict standards in the world and modern production technology.


Mr. Doan Dinh Duy Khuong - COO of DHG Pharma received the JNKA certificate from Japan Nattokinase Association for NattoEnzym product.

For example, the NattoEnzym product line with more than a decade of contributing to reducing the alarming number of stroke patients through more than 1.5 million products has been sold and distributed in more than 16,000 pharmacies nationwide. The year 2021 marks 10 years in a row NattoEzym is the first and only brand in Vietnam to receive JNKA certification from Japan Nattokinase Association after undergoing rigorous quality control. During the same 10 years, NattoEnzym organized international specialized scientific conferences for experts as well as series of community activities in the field of human health care, provided knowledge about stroke, raised people's awareness of stroke prevention. Ten years have passed, from a completely unfamiliar name on the market, until now, NattoEnzym has become a brand trusted by experts and doctors to support increased blood circulation thereby improving conditions of vertigo, dizziness, numbness of limbs due to cerebral ischemia, to prevent diseases related to blood clots due to blood vessel blockage.


Health care festival for consumers of DHG Pharma

Or like Naturenz, Naturenz Gold are products for people who regularly consume alcohol, patients receiving treatment of hepatitis, fatty liver, liver failure. They are originated from the research of the Institute of Biotechnology, based on the goal of promoting and inheriting the experience of treating liver disease of famous medical seniors along with application of new achievements of modern science. This multi-year work has been transferred to DHG Pharma for commercialization to help people take care of their liver health and detoxify the liver.

Spivital algae capsules are for asthenics, dieters or athletes. Eyelight Ganat eye tonic capsules helps to prevent eye diseases in both adults and children. During the past epidemic season, Bocalex Multi effervescent tablets have become a close friend of many families and a frontline force in supplementing necessary vitamins to increase resistance.

Not only affirming the enterprise’s vision in participating more and more deeply in production of food supplement to increase sales, affirming its position as a leading pharmaceutical enterprise, DHG Pharma also affirms on contributing to improving health care knowledge for consumers.


Every year, DHG Pharma has implemented many health care and counseling programs for people.

With many practical activities that have been and are being promoted, DHG Pharma’s health care food product lines promise to contribute to improving the life quality of Vietnamese families in the coming time. Consumers not only have a variety of choices, international quality at reasonable prices, but above all receive dedicated advice in the process of consolidating knowledge of physical protection, care, and improvement.